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Seeded Spelt Oat Porridge Levain

Seeded Spelt Oat Porridge Levain




As many of us home bakers, you will be baking once a week only, maybe even once every two weeks only. To make the sourdough feeding process easily manageable, you can keep your sourdough starter in the fridge most of the time, feeding it only once or twice a week. To revitalize your starter, give it the required strength to leaven (elevate) your loaf, and get rid of the higher amount of acidity which will build up while the starter is in the fridge, you should start with 2 daily feedings about every 12 hours, 2 days before your baking day.

So assuming you want to bake Saturday morning, you should remove your started from the fridge, and do a feedings Thursday morning, Thursday evening, and Friday morning, and then build your Levain Friday evening.

For the feedings, you can use 10g of the starter, 40g of unchlorinated water (bottled spring water), and 40 g of your starter flour mixture, consisting of 75% wheat flour (with lower protein, about 11-12%), and 25% dark rye flour.

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