The levainbread.com website was created with the following goals:

  • Provide guidance to beginner and advanced amateur home artisan bakers, to build and improve their levain break baking skills
  • We are not striving for the "perfect loaf" or "most healthy bread, but offer flexible, customizable recipes, suitable for beginners, but adaptable for advanced amateurs
  • Start a movement to achieve a name change from "Sourdough Bread" to "Levain Bread" - who would find something named "sour" very appealing?

You may have come to levainbread.com directly, since you are eager to learn how to make beautiful, tasteful, and healthy bread, and found our content suitable to support you with that. You may also have come to levainbread.com from other bread blogs, like "The Perfect Loaf", or the "Tartine" books from Chad Robertson, which offer great content and advice, which I also used as a beginning baker, but which from my point of view have the following problem: They are more suited for experts, who have already mastered to handle the process of baking bread using dough with very high hydration.


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[Global movement ...] - be part of that movement, and help achieve the name change

[What is "Pain au Levain", why is it better?]

Baking artisan bread with wild natural yeast and bacteria has different names in different parts of the world. Whereas the English speaking countries usually speak about "Sourdough Bread", and German speaking countries use "Sauerteigbrot", as the direct translation, in France, it is called "Pain au Levain".

[Quotes, that sourdough bread should not be very sour] - Lahey, Roberton,

This website - Levain Bread Manifesto:

  1. Name change
  2. Home artisan baker
  • not perfect loaf
  • From amateur to amateur -