Fig sourdough bread (and a new home)

Fig sourdough bread 1

It’s been more than a month since my last post, but it was impossible to fit baking rituals into the chaos of the last month. Julia and I have just moved from Belo Horizonte to São Paulo and for a few weeks our routines were reduced to managing boxes and organising our stuff. But I finally found some time to refresh Levindo and put him back to work. His mission: to make a fig sourdough bread.

Julia was asking for a fig bread for a while and I decided to try making it. As I didn’t have a recipe to follow, I took the naive approach and simply added some chopped dried figs to my basic bread recipe.

Fig sourdough bread 2

The result was quite good, but next time I’ll try doubling the amount of figs to get a stronger flavour — this first attempt was a bit too subtle for my taste. I also missed the aesthetically pleasing effect of whole dried figs in the bread, so I think I won’t chop them up next time.

Fig sourdough bread 3

The formula, still without the adjustments I plan to make:

Fig sourdough bread
Dough composition Flour mix: 500g all-purpose flour, 50g whole wheat flour, 50g rye flour
70% hydration (420ml)
120g Levindo (my levain starter)
100g chopped dried figs
2% salt (12g)
Room temperature 18 °C
Autolysis? Yes (20min)
Kneading 20min on my bread machine — more on that later :)
Folding technique used? Yes (2 folds in the first hour)
Bulk fermentation 10 hours at room temperature
Proofing Overnight proofing in the fridge
Baking In a pot (30min covered, 20min uncovered)

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